VisioCare TV®


In my experience, this is the greatest client compliance tool that I have seen in my 44 years of being a veterinarian.

Dr. Lloyd Meisels -- Coral Springs Animal Hospital

I love this program. It helps me engage the client in what is going on with their pet and it generates interest on what we need to do next. I get more accomplished in less time when my clients can "see" and understand.

Thomas Fatora DVM -- Frisco Animal Hospital

We have been using the VisioCare Consult application for several months already. Our clients are immediately "impressed" and appreciate the technology as much as the visual aid. Our recommendation is better understood... and therefore better adopted!

Dr. Nicholas Manwaring -- Sisteron Vet

It was very easy to implement and after purchasing the program, we immediately started using it throughout the day.It is much easier to show the value of our treatments, and justify our prices, when clients can easily visualize what we are talking about.

Jonathan -- Country Veterinary Clinic, P.C